Pet safety and emergencies

index_dogs_cats_birds_others Every year vets see many pet injuries that could have been prevented. Accidents happen both in the home and outside. 

Roads and traffic- extra care is advised when walking dogs along busy roads. They should be kept on a lead at all the times and only let off when it is safe to do so. If you live near a busy road and own a cat, it may be safer to keep your cat in at night to prevent an accident.

Intoxications– some house plants are poisonous to pets. Lilies are particular toxic to cats. Some human foods are toxic too like chocolate, onions, garlic, grapes and raisins. In Portugal there are pine tree caterpillars which cause local tissue death if touched. It is most commonly seen in puppies that try to eat them and so they can lose their tongue.

Fall hazards– cats are particularly vulnerable to falls from open windows or balconies.

Foreign bodies– young animals may be attracted and eat small objects, such children`s toys, plastic bags and socks. Swallowing a foreign body can cause a fatal blockage in pets.

Bleeding– if your animal is injured and is bleeding you should apply a pressure bandage in the area to try to stop the bleeding.  

For any emergency contact us on 282 799 268