Exotics. Exotic pets are becoming more popular in recent years and cover a wide variety of

Echography.  Echography is a tool that gives a real time picture of the internal organs of your pet.

Home visits.  Our team is ready for Home Visits if you require this service.

Endocrinology We diagnose hormonal diseases like: cushings, addisons, hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.

Preventive medicine.  Preventive Medicine concerned with the prevention of disease and the promotion of physical health for your pet.

Ophthalmology. Dogs and cats constitute the majority of our Ophthalmology caseload, we perform ocular examinations and surgery to treat the eye.

We do skin cytology, scrapes, biopsy and allergy tests


Internal medicine. The goal of the internal medicine service is to provide comprehensive care for pets, and to maximize quality of life for our patients and owners.

Digital X-Rays

X-rays is a very important tool in veterinary medicine to help reaching a diagnosis. With digital x rays you can get the results very fast.

Surgery. We perform soft tissue surgery, like neutering, lump removals and many other procedures, including deskilling teeth.

Electrocardiogram. ECG is used to check the heart rhythm and general function.

Blood testing. A common blood test performed on pets gives information on hydration status, anemia, infection, the blood’s clotting ability, and the ability of the
immune system to respond. We have in house blood testing machines that give us the results in 10 minutes!